Main Aisle Runner

The design of the runner for the aisle of the Chapel is perhaps one of the most striking to be found in New Zealand. It was designed by Nicola Jackson as part of the ‘Tales Untold: unearthing Christchurch Histories” project in May 1994.

12 meters in length, it runs from the chapel door to the altar and begins with a representation the three Christchurch nurses, Rogers, Hildyard and Rattray, who lost their lives aboard the Marquette in 1915.

Beyond this is an area of dark blue night sky leading to an enclosed shape containing the shape of The Nurses Medal below a root. The root represents the source of new life. The growth in the form of a plait of three from the root extends up the runner about 10 meters before flowering at the head of the runner.

The three flower blossoms are enclosed in the shape of a heart symbolising love, understanding, courage, joy and sorrow. The flowers represent 3 new lives.

The use of the number three in the design also has many symbolisms attached to it – The Trinity; three Marys; Faith, Hope and Love; three crosses at Calgary; three days of the death of Christ; three appearances after Christ’s death; three gifts from the Magi.

The runner ends with a rich blue which symbolises peace and contemplation.

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