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11 am - Sunday the 12th May, 2024

To celebrate international Nurses Day the Director of Nursing for Waitaha|Canterbury and Te Tai o Poutini|West Coast Becky Hickmott will be presenting at the Chapel.

The themes of the presentation include;

  • Nursing is a ‘safety critical’ occupation and during times of challenge, fiscal scrutiny, and crises nurses rise to the challenge.
  • Nurses have the privilege of caring for patients and clients during times of significant  vulnerability as well as times of joy and recovery. Intimate discussions are often had and patient safety, recovery and wellbeing is a key part of our care.
  • We need to move away from a system focused on reporting deficits to a system focused on the positive contributions nurses make to patient outcomes, how we influence and identify what is needed to care for patients/ clients, the science and the art of nursing




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